Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding Shower Cupcakes

I made these for my sister's friends wedding shower, which I obviously did not attend, because had I attended, I would have put them on the tier correctly and not ruined all my hard work by putting the cupcakes in the wrong place making it look lopsided and stupid and putting the leaves upside down so you couldn't see the detail. Everyone thinks I am over reacting and it might be the hormones from being 15 weeks pregnant, but if you spent 6 hours putting a lot of detail into decorating something and counting things out and making everything just perfect, someone screwing it all up in 5 minutes... well... it gets to me. Look at the tier. If you have 1 type of a cupcake, you put it on top, 4 cupcakes of a different sort, well that would be on the second tier. 8 of another would be on tier three. It is not rocket science, it is simple logic and NOBODY there thought that maybe this looks a little odd? No, everyone thought it looked great. Imagine what they would have thought had it actually been put together correctly??


I made these for my Grandmere's birthday last month. Well I made other ones that didn't look as good because, once again, I completely underestimated how time consuming they would be to make and was completely rushed. The petals are hard to do when the icing melts in your hand, so you have to keep putting the icing in the fridge for a little bit and taking it back out.