Saturday, May 23, 2009

Operation Cake

I made this cake today for Stephanie's son, Weston's, birthday. Just like most everything else I try to do, this was a little harder than I thought it would be. I used all frosting here. If I had to do it over again, which I doubt I would, I wouldn't do it the same way. Instead of spreading the frosting out, I would put little stars to fill in the spaces like I did on the Nascar cake so it looks more uniform. It was really hard to get the frosting smooth and in all the right places here. But probably the best way to do this cake to make it look good would be with fondant. I have yet to experiment with it but wow would it be so nice to just cut out shapes and lay them on the cake. This one would be really cool because you could just cover it in red frosting, then put the guy right over it with the holes pre-cut out. Everything would be so neat and smooth and perfect... I also didn't do the tweezers. I contemplated it, but I decided to write the happy birthday there instead. ANOTHER thing I learned doing this cake... is the cakeboard. I don't think I will use that again unless I am dealing with white frosting. I made kind of a mess on the board and it doesn't just wipe off like it does with the plastic I normally use. It looks like the poor guy was bleeding all over the place. But in this case I suppose it is kind of fitting seeing how I have been cutting holes into him all day...

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