Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding Cupcakes

My best friend Stephanie got engaged quite some time ago. She worked her ass off (literally) to put this wedding together. She made all the food from scratch. She made 3 different kinds of favors, the invitations, save-the-dates, and she planned to make the cupcakes. She just wanted me to make little candy snowflakes to put on top. So I used melting vanilla candy wafers and piped little snowflakes (200 of them) onto wax paper. Then she asked if I could frost the cupcakes. Then she asked if I could just make them lol. I was glad to help and be able to take credit for my first official wedding cupcakes! (In my eyes this makes me a professional). There was an actual cake that went with these cupcakes that was 8x8. The whole presentation was awesome. For some reason when I try to upload the picture of everything it turns it on its side and won't let me rotate it back??? You'll just have to tilt your head... Either way, they looked good, they tasted good, and we were all happy the way the night turned out!

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