Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Boobie Cakes

So I started my new job at CDW on Monday and already I am learning a ton in training. I have a great feeling about the company and what they stand for. They even give one paid day a year for each employee to do community service! Another thing they are doing on Friday is a bake sale to raise money for breast cancer awareness. You know me, I just can't help myself when it comes to a reason to bake. And for charity, even better! Since they are letting us work from home Friday and Monday (yeah, they rock that much), I baked the cupcakes tonight to bring into work with me tomorrow.

I did strawberry cupcakes (because they are pink, duh), and frosted them with white frosting out of a pastry bag piled up like soft serve. Then I took a can of spray paint that is made for cake decorating and sprayed side-ways onto the cupcakes to define all the cool lines I made. I learned very quickly to put them on wax paper and pull up on the opposite side of where I was spraying to creat a sheild. This keeps me from painting the rest of my kitchen pink.

I needed ribbons to complete my theme so I made sugar cookies. This took some trial and error because I had no cookie cutters, I couldnt FIND a ribbon cookie cutter anywhere. Finally I ended up rolling up tiny peices of dough like a snake and just folding it over like a ribbon and flattening it out on the cookie sheet. Then I decorated with pink strawberry frosting, added some pink sugar crystals and outlined it with more pink frosting. Looking back, I think my outline should have been a darker pink and the sugar crystals should have been finer.

After everything was said and done, not counting shopping for the ingredients I spent 3 hours doing this! Like I said, I was trying out new things and working my technique but holy crap that's a long time. It went by pretty quickly though because I was listening to the final presidential debate in the background and looking up occasionally. Maybe I was a little distracted. I won't get too into it though, another time, another blog.

Actually I REALLY wanted to make little cupcake boobies because how perfect would that be? But after watching the sexual harrassment video and learning how we are supposed to be "professional" and "grown-ups" I figured it may be innappropriate and give a bad first impression. But maybe next year...

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