Monday, October 20, 2008

Yorkie Birthday Cupcakes

I spent the day baking again. I gave Chris my Hello Cupcake book to pick out what cupcakes he wanted for his birthday and these were them. They are actually much easier to make than they look. The hardest part for me was the frosting and food coloring mess that I made. I still have a line of black dye on my right arm. I hope I can get if off before work tomorrow!

So basically I made regular cupcakes and mini cupcakes. I started with a mini cupcake to make a head. For the ears and snout you need 2 mini marshmellows. You cut one in half and dip the exposed part in pink sugar and stick those on as ears using some frosting as glue. You diagonally cut the end off of the other marshmellow and stick it a little lower than center with the pointy side out. Then the fun part is making some different colors. I used white frosting and chocolate frosting and some black, brown and yellow food coloring. For the multicolored look, I put 2 different colors in one bag. I found that it was hard to get both colors in the corner and after I was about halfway through it started turning out the way I wanted. I cut an M shape into my ziplock bag and then made the fur.

Next you just put some fur on the big cupcake and stick the little one on top. Pretty easy!

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  1. too cute. I recently received "Hello Cupcake" as a gift and can't wait for my church's annual dog show and cake walk... I am definitely making these for that occassion. If you haven't already seen this website, I think you would love it... you have to sign up to see all the pics, but it's free and totally worth it!